Monday, 24 December 2007

Totally Hacked Off

Sincere apologies to all seven regular readers of Loxia Fantastica for the disappearance of all the posts.

Some thoughtful individual hacked in to my blog site last week and deleted all the archived posts. These are unretrievable as far as I can tell so not much I can do but start all over again.

I can only assume that it is someone that has been offended/threatened by whatever I have written on here.....well that could be just about anyone then !

Merry Christmas, and remember, it could happen to you too !


Stephen Menzie said...

My money's on the BF admin!
Seriously though, that is a bit shit. Not least because a lot of your posts were actually useful and educational! Hope there's some way of sorting again (although I can't think of anything myself).

Lindsay Cargill (aka Loxiafan) said...

Yeah, can't really point the finger at anyone in particular as there is no evidence. Defintely someone who 'knows' me, given some of the changes made to my profile !

I notice I am being 'babysat' by a particular moderator on BF especially when posting or signed in on the Live News thread.

Anyway, what do you mean "a lot of the posts were actually useful and eductional" ? Surely you mean they all were ! ?

Unfortunately, I don't have time to re-do the many ID posts.

Unknown said...

Hi, We found a crossbill with an injured wing on Christmas day in Glen isla. We're not sure if he's a scottish or a parrot type but are trying to find information on the best way to make him comfortable in the hope that he recovers. Any advise or a contact that we could get in touch with would be much appreciated. Couldn't find your email address on here Lindsay. Cheers.

Loxops said...

Haw mate! Who have you pissed off now? The 'establishment' hates renegades. Screw them! Don't let the b*stards get you down!

Mark said...

Hi Lindsay, thanks for the link to my blog.....I'll repay the compliment! Sorry to hear you lost all your older posts....I'd be seriously fucked off if that happened to me.

Lindsay Cargill (aka Loxiafan) said...

Thanks for the support and positive comments guys - I will try to keep posting.

benmacdonald said...

Hi there. I would like to contact you with serious crossbill questions and two photos, to ask for your advice. Good to see at least one person out there with clear, informed views on this crucial issue - as a serious British birder, it makes a pretty big difference knowing how to differentiate between species! Could you please email me on so I can get in contact. Keep up the good work, Ben.

Jason said...

Hi Lindsay,
I've got recordings of flight calls from a crossbill species in Scots Pine at Glenmore: Would you be able to listen to them if I sent by email for ID purposes? It would constitute a breeding record as juveniles are present. If you are able to do this, please let me know your email address. Alternatively contact me on
Many thanks in advance if you can.
Jason Anderson