Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Memoirs, Moi ? Shurely Not Mish Monneypenny..

I don't know what is more staggering - that someone would be interested in my (abridged) memoirs, my 'eternal life' if you like, or that someone would read this blog ! That said there are a lotta wanabee crossbill 'experts' out there.... dream brothers, of a time when we know what the hell we are talking about.

As to my six word memoir, with total lack of grace, hows about:

"Don't Waste Time Playing Meaningless Games " ! ( alas, something in life I have failed to observe and often fallen foul of......PhD anyone ?)

or, perhaps more appropriately:

"Don't Study Crossbills They Are *****"

or, even more appropriately:

"People who study Crossbills are *****"

As to 5 other Bloggers, 'fraid I don't know that amount, the 'unpopular' chap that I am. I ain't got no mojo pin with folks I am afraid.

Anyway, back to all things Crossbills....and not.

It may come as a shock to readers that my crossbill work is now nearly tied up and that soon I will be embarking on a long term desk based study on the classification of Mediterranean Chelonia, something far closer to my heart, but equally challenging all the same. However, don't worry I can assure you this won't be the last goodbye.

As David Coverdale used to say " 'ere's a song for yuh" just before "Wine, Women and Song", the wine of course being lialic wine:

I am not going to give the corresponding Ec of this individual as, well frankly, it will quite possibly scare small children and anyone with an interest in crossbills and their calls..... er that's about 6 people then. These, along with other scandals, will be published in the real memoirs. And believe me they will be so real -lover you should have come over ( you know who you are).

Topically, being nearly Good Friday and having just watched "The Passion", I feel curiously moved ( for an atheist) and feel myself humming Benjamin Britten's haunting setting of Corpus Christi Carol. Oh, well.

One final thought: that Jeff Buckley fellow was pretty good wasn't he ? Meaningless games -who said I didn't like them ?


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