Friday, 16 May 2008

Calling All Crossbill 'Experts' !

A mysterious crossbill found in Glen Doll, Angus needs your help HERE.

Only serious crossbill boffins need apply, no timewasters please.

ICRAP ( The International Crossbill Research Analysis Program ) requests that participants refrain from using non standard and unsubstantiated terminology such as "glip", "british", "phantom" etc otherwise the following loxia subgroups will also be considered:

The "Fitlikemin" - of Aberdeenshire.

The "Yehoorsir" - found in the Lomond Hill plantations of Fife.

The "Ehlleatmehpeh" - specific to the Fintry hills outside Dundee.

The "WeeFree" - only found on the Outer Hebrides in irruption years.

The "Ganzee" - present on Shetland and Fair Isle in irruption years.

The "Wherzabizees" - only found in the plantations of Merseyside.

The "Gitorfmoiland" - of Dorset and Devon.

The "Buckie" - the resident Crossbill type of SW Scotland, also recently recorded in the Manchester area.

Thank you. You have been warned.


Stephen Menzie said...

I heard that Buckie-types have bills designed specially for opening police officers. Surly a different species?!

Loxia Fan said...

Aye, but only when their preferred 'habitat' is compromised, for example when large areas of prime multiscreens are indicriminantly taken from them.

Seriously though : Manchester Councillor - "it's disgusting, our streets stink of Weegie piss".....oh really, DUH!

Anyway, off to sulk as Aberdeen actually turned up tonight and played in one of the only four games they play in each year......still, could be worse I suppose - I could be a Chelsea supporter.

Harry said...

Hi Lindsay,
Do Aberdeen fans still speak in reverential tones about Alex Ferguson, or have they gone off him since he left for that obscure little club doon sooth in 1986...?

Loxia Fan said...

Hi Harry,

Of course Dons fans are reminiscent of those 'heady' days.....after all they haven't done ANYTHING since. Nada. As their chairman seems unwilling to invest in the club it is unlikely they ever will achieve anything again. But they always play well one game per season: Rangers at Pittodrie! Cost us another league title as United folded against Celtic after hearing that Aberdeen has scored. That is about as good as it gets for Aberdeen fans.

Loxia Fan said...

I have 'cleaned' up some of the alternative loxia subgroups as I am reliably informed that they were deeply offensive and that one of my seven readers may actually have been emotionally or mentally scared by this rhetoric.

This is a family show afterall.