Saturday, 10 May 2008

"She Was a Fast Machine, She Kept Her Motor Clean"

Okay, hands up who went up North to see the Upland Sand. Me ? must be joking. I couldn't be bottomed driving the 50 or so miles from my pad in Aberdeen. I will happily wait till 2102 to see the next long as it lands in my back garden. It's just a bird afterall. Some people must have no job or at least no work to do ! I'd much rather have a Wryneck on one of my June. Now that would be interesting ! Or a Nightjar as happened a few years ago.

So what else makes me 'tick' other than crossbills given that I don't keep lists. Well, this year I am going to do a bit of Dragonfly surveying for the atlas. Things haven't really got going up here as of yet but reckon when I am out this weekend some Large Reds will have emerged. Also going to be targeting Golden Ringed's in Deeside as their distribution seems a bit vague. I have even got a holiday booked with the specific purpose of finding and photographing Odonata......and my real passion Mediterranean Chelonia of course.

A Golden Ringed wouldn't want to mess with it...obviously.

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