Sunday, 21 December 2008

Letter To KCFoggin Bird Forum Moderator

Some readers may also follow my exploits on Bird Forum. Well, not any longer I am afraid. I have just had that oh so predicatble "you're being a naughty boy and if you don't buck up we are going to remove you from our hallowed, beloved forum" from Bird Forum 'Admin' ! Not Andy Bright this time which makes a change. Well go fornicate yourselves Bird Forum Admin. I'll say that again cos I can on here, it's MY show after all. Why don't you all go f**k yourselves Bird Forum Admin.

For anyone that hasn't got a clue what I am talking about you will need to read the thread HERE. However, its Bird Forum, it's not cool and using it will totally mess you up. Just say "no". I would probably advise that you just watch the shopping channel or organize your CD collection instead.

Basically, I had two posts removed where I defended myself against this complete sphincter called "Joespy" who seems to have taken totally disproportionate offence to my balanced view of problems he has had with his Paramo jacket. Because he has a faulty jacket he thinks anyone who is happy with theirs must be an idiot. I should add I don't own a Paramo jacket but I hate these self righteous pricks - remember all the "my Leica's have a stiff focus knob" and "my EL's have a hole in them so they are not waterproof ( though I haven't actually tested that )" threads on the binocular Forums two years ago by Godawfulun ? These people should not be on Bird Forum they are clearly care in the community. I think they should change the name to BB Forum - "Bunny Boiler Forum".

I then get this gem of a PM from Uber Mod KCFoggin ( should that be Fogey ? ). Zeig Heil, Zeig Heil !! :

[KCFoggin]Sorry, but you need to settle yourself down a bit or admin is going to do it for you via removing you from membership. Surely you can get your point across in a less antagonistic way. Either conduct yourself in a manner suitable for forum activities or you are going to be removed. KCStaff[QUOTE]

Weeeell, maybe he just caught me at a bad time - earlier this evening I had been very disappointed to see Tom win the "Strictly Come Dancing Final". It is clear that Lisa should have won or at least made the last two as she had a perfect score from the judges. It shattered me. At least he opened with "sorry" before the "Vee vill take you out a szshoot zu iv you do not comply"

Anyway, I replied to KCDontLogginAgain with this :

"Dear KC,

You have removed two of my posts in reply to a very derogatory post by a BF member clearly insinuating that I am a w4anker yet his offensive post remains there in all it's un-modded glory. Clearly you must agree with him ? So, someone can basically call me a w4anker in pseudo language, but for me to say " go fornicate yourself " (verbatim) in reply is offensive ? Get real. Or at least be consistent. Clearly too difficult a task for BF 'Admin'.

All of my posts on this particular thread have been objective and I have only retorted 'in kind' when I have been provoked by this particular individual. My opinions have been balanced and well argued throughout, though he has ignored this and so do you now.

I am finished with Bird Forum so don't bother going to the trouble of removing me or don't bother replying to this as I will not get your response - it will be blocked as SPAM.
Clearly you intend Bird Forum to be a place for people like Joespy: I notice most of the decent, knowledgeable and serious birders from a few years ago have all left Bird Forum, or more likey have been removed by 'Admin'. Mmmm, wonder why.......

Out of interest did you also send Joespy a message like the one below you sent me ? No, thought not. Your loss. You can stick your Forum. There will be a detailed account of this, and your particular actions and comments going on my blog in an effort to discourage decent people from endorsing this sham of a site and the apparently biased actions of it's moderators. I know this as I am not the only one.

I can say what I like on my blog tough guy...."do it for you" indeed !

Goodbye. "

However, it gets more sinister. If you read the quote by BitternTwisted in post #34 by Markulous the orginal post from where the quote is taken has mysteriously disappeared ! Now, BitternTwisted I think might just have been sticking up for me by correcting Joespy's use of language and making him look a bit stupid. So, it's not just my posts being deleted, other people's innocent ones are too. However, Joesspy's snidy and derogatory post has been left. Clearly he is a friend of KKKFoggin. People, this is what you are accepting by contributing to Turd Forum.

I recall recently a Moderator being really nasty with a BF member on a photography thread. He was clearly using his position of authority to bully this poster. If anyone else had taken a similar tone they would have been 'terminated'. What an absolute prick.

So, do you want the good news or the good news ? Well, the good news is that I won't be contributing anymore to Turd Forum. The other good news ? Well, I thought that would be obvious - I've got to have somewhere to rant so that will continue to be on here. Loxia Fantastica will continue to inform the world of all things other assorted shite.

Bird Forum, well they can just go forth and fornicate. Oh, but KfCFriedChickenAgain if you are reading this, and I do hope you are, you and BF do now not herewith have permission to hold and display my images of crossbills. You can start by taking off the one of the Scottish in Opus. I did not give permission to use that picture there. As I recall, a moderator put it there. Says it all really. You do not now have my permission to display these images that are my copyright. They were submitted in good faith. You have eroded that faith and any permissions are herewith formally retracted. They are my copyright and I resign my membership of your crappy birding community. And don't get that fat fairy Andy Bright to write and tell me that because they have been put on bird Forum that you are not in the wrong. Remove them now or "we'll do it for you". My agent will be in touch. Not nice is it you tosser.



Lindsay Cargill (aka Loxiafan) said...


In his wisdom (not) KC has now removed yet another of my posts on this thread. What this does is just make Admin look all the more biased and pedantic. It now appears I haven't written anything on this thread !

By this time tommorrow perhaps all my posts on BF will have been deleted ?

Lindsay Cargill (aka Loxiafan) said...

Interestingly, I just read a post on Bitter Bonxie about birders and twitcher types who consider themselves being too good for Bird Forum and who have recently been quitting it disgust being, well, tossers.

For the record:

1.I am not a birder.

2. I am not a twitcher.

3. I am a tosser though, so fair enough.

So there. Up yiz.

BTW another post deleted by KC and the Sunshine Bland. Yeah, I meant Bland. If hating Bird Forum is crime, bite me.

Harry said...

In fairness, I never go within a mile of any threads on equipment etc: I have no idea what make the sh*tty blue raincoat that I was given years ago second hand, but I still wear it when seawatching, or if caught out in a downpour.
(Yeah, I know blue isn't a great colour for birding, but, when looking for passerines, I tend to get by with my normal clothes)
At the risk of getting in trouble with BF myself, I have noticed that some people get posts deleted for almost no reason, usually reasonable people who have to get something of their chests, whereas comments by muppets get left on there. I once asked the Mods to remove nasty comments by an Irish birder in a heated debate that showed our national scene in a very poor light, and they did do so, but, a day or two later, the whole thread was back up there again, presumably due to the person in question complaining that his posts had been removed?

Lindsay Cargill (aka Loxiafan) said...

Hiya Harry !

Aye, a lotta shite about nothing really.

However, Bird Forum is owned by a total twat and so it seems is moderated by a team of twats as well. Call me paranoid, and no doubt someone will, but I actually think they have a list of people they consider 'troublemakers' ! Within seconds of me viewing any thread a Mod appears logged on to 'babysit'. Usually, a parcticular Scottish one. I have heard from someone else, who incidentaly also got banned, and the same thing happened to them. For Joespy to call me the thought police really is a joke - that surely is the dubious honour of those that supposedly moderate Turd Forum.

If you read my posts #23 and #28 on that thread am I out of order or unreasonable? Yeah I used the word "smug bastards" in a post that was deleted ( after several weeks ! )but that was after Joespy was really openly patronising towards me. Good ole KCSoggin has hoovered up all my posts in an attempt to mask this.

Unlike you I can't hold back when these care in the community types start spewing off - it has to be stamped out.

I also had a surreal experience two years ago when a very 'popular' BF poster rallied support to complain to the Mods to get me kicked off cos I could ID crossbills from pictures and she has only once seen one (which was actually probably a Greenfinch). I shit you not, I received an email from someone who has experinced her birding skills in the Northern Isles first hand and it was rather hilarious reading. I then had tossers posting that she was in the right, a ridiculous post from a Speyside Bird Guide saying that nice little old ladies like this were responsible for funding my crossbill research project and that I should remember that ! Eh?, right you ignorant tosser. I bowed out of BF after that.

I did come back, mainly bescause of the generally misinformed shite that was being talked about crossbills and their ecology by people that were clearly not in a position to do so but liked to sound expert. That's the problems with Forums I guess.

Now I couldn't give a rats arse.

Harry said...

Yeah, one of the main problems with the intraweb, which can be a positive and a negative, is that everyone can have their say, which is all well and good in theory, but it means that people with a little knowledge (a dangerous thing) and a lot of self-confidence and 'neck' can come over all authoritative, leading to the poor people who asked an ID-related question in the first place being misinformed, and then perhaps passing that misinformation on to others as gospel and so on...
I also find it a bit disturbing, as a sad bastard who likes to go through ID posts myself, to see at least three recent posts that basically suggested that only those people who saw an actual bird are qualified to comment on its ID, usually after someone has cast doubt on the ID or provenance of their latest tick...funny how they never complain when people support their ID, or elevate the bird to something rarer. One expects that from rank and file twitchers, sure: while I've not read it, a certain ID guru being allowed to vent his fury about so-called 'internet experts' in a popular birding magazine is a bit less sporting, especially since, as the ID consultant for that magazine, his opinion would be very influential...
Anyway, it's Christmas, I would like to wish everyone, even people alluded to above, a happy and peaceful time, and a great 2009.

Lindsay Cargill (aka Loxiafan) said...

Aye points taken Harry. Don't think I have read that article though - which mag/journal ?

I quite welcome debate on Forums however, I draw the line at being told Scottish Crossbills don't exist by armchair birders in Essex who haven't even been to Scotland and when in actual fact I see or hear them every week !

It is clear that one of the posters I referred to must sit with an ID guide by her laptop and consults it thoroughly before posting ! Why not just cite the page number ? !

Also, I don't profess to knowing all the answers when it comes to crossbills: this is the principal reason why I find them fascinating and invest a lot of my own money (ok John?)and time studying them !

Have a good one yourself :-) !

Lindsay Cargill (aka Loxiafan) said...

Aha, this month's Birdwatch first page editorial by Keith Vinicombe ? Had been lying around but I hadn't read it !

Yeah, sounds a bit like what I was saying BF is like with regards crossbill ID !