Saturday, 4 July 2009

Raising The Bar

Thought this might be of note to those currently interested in wing barred crossbills in the northern isles just now. Many thanks to Stuart Reeves for passing these on to me last year ( or year before ? ) -

I also recall reading something about the two-barreds from last years irruption in either Birding World or British Birds earlier this year or last year.

Hope this helps - if anyone could get me some recordings of any crossbills from up there that would be fantastic !


Alastair said...


Thanks for posting the article which is useful. There are some other pretty good pics of wing barred Common Crossbills on BirdGuides. I was interested in the shape of the white of the tertials on the female Orkney bird, the white seemed quite broad rather than just a pale fringe. Clearly the actual wing bars were pretty weak.

I would be surprised if there were not some more of these tricky ids in this current invasion. Thanks again.


Loxia Fan said...

Hi Alistair,

The female one I am pretty confident about, the male is just too obscured though the white in the alulal area could just be a plumage anomaly. The 'bar' just seems too brown. Also, see most recent post !


Stephen Menzie said...

I'm going to be up on the north coast at the end of this month. Will do my best to track down some Crossbills and get a few of their calls onto disc. Might try and stop off over your way on our way back down - will e-mail you when I know details.

Loxia Fan said...

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for that, I am sure some will be around !

I should be around when you come back and will be trying to catch some of these 4E's at a couple of sites if you fancy it ?