Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Parrot Invasion !

Today saw 47 Parrot Crossbills reported vismigging through Falsterbo Observatory in southern Sweden and last week a staggering 494 passed through there. There have been over 13,000 Parrot Crossbills migrating through since 1st August !!

Now, I am not sure how these crossbills are being identified, but Parrots are generally bulkier and have bigger heads than Commons, so with an experienced observer the ID's and counts are very possibly accurate. This observatory should have experienced 'crew' so I think we can have confidence in these counts.

All these Parrots will have to turn up somewhere - Germany, Holland...... Norfolk ! So keep those eyes (and ears) peeled. I am braced for a Fair Isle or Shetland bird and I keep checking.

Happy Hunting !

Parrot Crossbill:Appearing Soon At a Pine Wood Near You ?


Jochen said...

F.... !!
Not a single Parrot record yet from Germany this autumn, so the people of Denmark must currently drown in them.

Loxia Fan said...

...or the people of Denmark are drowning them !

With a reported 13,000 plus they have to be going somewhere....not here yet.