Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Those That Can, Do, Those That Can't Blog ?

I am tired of reading statements like "time spent blogging is time not spent birding or ringing" or "people spending more time in front of computer screens than birding/ringing". I sit and write this at 1am in the morning watching "Generation Kill". My crossbills have been roosting since 2.30pm. As to ringing, unless I am out dazzling Woodcock or roosting Dippers, forget it. For the record I spent all day on Monday birding and ringing. I can work, bird, ring and blog - I don't have to do them all at the same time, I am a multi tasker. I can even watch TV at the same time. The said same people that come out with this sort of nonsense probably get bladdered every Friday and Saturday night, which I do not criticise, though perhaps they should practise what they preach and stay home scrutinising their ID books or entering their data into IPMR.


timwootton said...

Hi Lyndsay
Please go to 'Orkbird' - Eric Meek has some recordings for you.
Cheers - Tim

Loxia Fan said...

Thanks Tim. Eric had emailed me earlier and I have replied to him and Brian. Let's hope they are Parrot calls !

joolia808 said...

You went to all that trouble recording and posting these, I went to the trouble of downloading your soundcloud and cant hear a thing.
Very interested because Ive heard similar in mid Wales. Just wanted to hear it.

Furthermore this is my third attempt to reply, and an "internal error" wont let me post!!!!!!!!!!!

Loxia Fan said...

Joolia ?

Not sure what recordings you are referring to as this blog post doesn't have any !

You do not "download" soundcloud recordings - you click on the play button and it plays within the blog pasge through your browser. If it doesn't play then it is a problem with your computer or software....not me.

This post is the only one I have received from you so agin any posting difficulties are not my problem. I limit my email contact details as I receive emails from people who dom't even have the courtesy to acknowledge replies.