Saturday, 6 March 2010

It's not the size of your parabola that counts it is what you do with it that matters !

This made me chortle, though I think the writer is possibly serious and a tad anti parabola/sound recording.

Guilty as charged ? Nah, surely not.....I can tell the difference between a Willow Warbler and Chiffer ! It does beg the question: are parabola's/microphones becoming a feature of moderm birding and if so, is this a bad thing ? Discuss.


Dougie Preston said...

Well mate, I've emailed you a few sonograms for you to have a laugh at.

Cheers Dougie.

Loxia Fan said...

Good to hear from you man !

Say hello to Andy - he was a bairn last time I saw him when he lived at Alva ( mind you so wiz I really ! ).

Your sonagrams from Speyside are of last year's immigrants (4E) plus one dodgy non descriptive 'chip' call. I caught a couple in upper Deeside that gave that call on release and they were Big Scottish/ Small Parrots (on biometrics).

The 4E's are all through the native scots pine and plantation pine here in Deeside as well now as the cones are now open ( mostly) and they can use them. Still a few on Larches though so check those areas.

I had Parrots at Anagach and Abernethy last year, Scottish at Loch Garten Osprey Centre in 2008, Glenmore for Scotty also. Anywhere should have birds just now, but some females will be on nests so it could appear 'quiet' save for the odd male flying to feed females.

Oh, and your deid crossers you sent me are now with Bob McGowan at the Muesuem in Edinburgh (to be made into skins).

Might just manage over if you are still there at the weekend ( assuming Lecht road is not like a bobsleigh run ! ).